Synthetic extreme temperature chain lubricant for food and beverage processing equipment.



Performance Features:

Operates as a dry film at extreme temperatures.

Effectively prevents the adherence of food particles and further minimising chain contamination.

The result is efficient lubrication, reduced wear, lower energy consumption and the elimination of expensive maintenance routines associated with cleaning chains and conveyors.

White in colour and clean to use

Provides excellent wet film lubrication for ambient and low temperature applications

Easily applied by either brush, through baths or by automatic lubrication systems

Neutral odour and taste

Solvent-free formulation to provide greater safety in use

Reduces wear on chains and guides, increases chain longevity

Does not attract flour or crumbs from food being baked

Certifications and specifications:



CASSIDA CHAIN OIL HTX is a unique synthetic, high performance chain lubricant developed to provide excellent lubrication without producing deposits and lacquers. It has been specially formulated for the food industry to lubricate drive and transport chains at elevated temperatures.
It is based on an advanced blend of synthetic fluids, solid lubricants and selected additives chosen for their ability to meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage industry.
Registered by NSF (Class H1) for use where there is potential for incidental food contact. Produced according to FLT Quality Standards, in facilities where HACCP audit and Good Manufacturing Practice have been implemented and form part of the quality and hygiene management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 21469.


Drive and transport chains in the food industry
Also intended for use in equipment for manufacturing food packaging

Seal and paint compatibility:

Is compatible with most of the elastomers, gaskets and seals normally used in food machinery lubrication systems. Nitrile rubber (NBR), Fluoro-Silicone or Vinyl-Methyl Polysiloxane (Q) are recommended especially where high temperatures are involved. Polyurethane based elastomers, leather, cork, asbestos paper and board should be avoided.

Handling and storage:

All food grade lubricants should be stored separately from other lubricants, chemical substances and foodstuffs and out of direct sunlight or other heat sources. Store between 0 °C and +40 °C. Provided that the product has been stored under these conditions we recommend that the product be used within 2 years from the date of manufacture. Upon opening a pack, the product must be used within 2 years (or within 2 years of date of manufacture, whichever is the sooner).


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