Trucks, Construction Equipment and Heavy Machinery



Trucks, Construction Equipment and Heavy Machinery

Moving your world! 

Since 1931, we have been pursuing the same goal: to keep the world moving. With innovative and technological lubricant solutions that have a sustainable impact on the future. Unconditional reliability is our top priority, it is the foundation of our company and basis for everything that defines us.

Reliability is both a driver and a demand. And it’s a promise to all our customers in the fi elds of automotive suppliers and OEMs, mechanical engineering, metal processing, mining and exploration, aerospace, energy, construction and transport, agriculture and forestry, as well as the paper, steel, metal, cement, forging and food industries, but also qualified lubricant dealers, car dealerships and workshops.

Long-term experience, high development strength and the fulfillment of far-reaching standards are the basis for the special quality of our world-leading product brands. We deliver solutions that are simply more efficient and therefore more sustainable. We always think in holistic solutions.

For the development of individual solutions, we enter into an intensive customer dialog with you. This is the way we live up to our claim of moving your world.

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