AGRIFARM lubricants have proved extremely successful even under the very toughest conditions and thereby offer the highest level of reliability for your vehicle fleet.

AGRIFARM will make the difference for you

AGRIFARM products are lubricants of the very highest quality made by FUCHS, which meet the latest standards of leading manufacturers in terms of application safety. FUCHS only uses selected base oils and specially developed additives for the manufacturing of AGRIFARM lubricants.

Our expertise guarantees the greatest reliability. AGRIFARM is the worldwide specialist for high-end lubricants 

Agricultural machines must deliver top performance on a daily basis. As a professional, you know how decisive the right oil is for the performance and durability of such a machine. So place your trust in the FUCHS AGRIFARM range of high-tech lubricants. Noticeably increased oil change intervals in engines and significantly fewer signs of wear are just some  of the visible results.

Special lubricants for agricultural

Alongside lubricants that can only be used for a certain component there are also the all-rounders: the STOU and UTTO products that come into use in agricultural applications. Both were developed for use in transmission and hydraulic systems and can also be deployed in brakes designed to run in an oil bath (wet brakes). STOU products can also be used  on an engine if the respective specifications are met. In other words, a STOU is an UTTO with engine performance. An overview is provided in the table below.

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